Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

I've been to a lot of countries, and Thailand can be said to be in the top three on my list of favorite countries. Before I went to Thailand, I had been to Vietnam once, and I had an average impression, so I always thought Thailand was similar to Vietnam, and I had no expectations. But when I first went to Bangkok, I was really shocked by its gentrified extent, which is simply a metropolis that does not lose Hong Kong and Shanghai, but the cost of living is less than a third of them. At that time, I couldn't help but think in my mind that it would be great to live here for a few months.

I can say a lot of good things about Thailand: good weather (I am afraid of cold, so I can always live in summer is simply beautiful), low prices (whether it is food or accommodation are really cheap), delicious food (sour and spicy Thai food is my favorite after Sichuan and Japanese food), modern westernization (coffee shops, stores, various lifestyle brands abound), convenient life (the density of convenience stores in Asia should be second only to Japan, even more than Korea, and mobile payment is very convenient), focus on health, clean streets, good urban planning, friendly people, developed service industry, high degree of English ......

Of course I also know that as a tourist who only stays here for a few days, most can only see the side of it carefully designed to show tourists. The only way to truly perceive this city and country is through day-to-day life.

So, naturally, I chose Thailand, which I love, as my first stop in my sojourn. I wanted to get to know this place more deeply through a month of life.

Thailand in my mind is a perfect combination of Eastern and Western lifestyles, which is probably why many Westerners like to visit or settle here, and many of them are engaged in teaching English, so much so that the international schools in Thailand are particularly cost-effective.

And Phuket as a large rural area, coconut wind and waves fresh air naturally needless to say, at any time you can go out to sea, snorkeling, surfing ...... in a large natural environment, but also has a very convenient and modern life. In their own home exercise, reading, writing, living, long-term haze and tense body and mind finally get a complete stretch. The head is emptied at the same time, but also will produce more space to new inspiration and creativity.

Finally, I'd like to share a quote by Michio Hoshino that I really like.

"While you are living a busy life in Tokyo, there is probably a whale jumping out of the sea in Alaska. Just knowing that is soothing.

I hope we can all be quiet, listen to our true inner voice, and find and pursue the life we love.
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