Why Byher Exist?

Hannah Miller, the founder of Byher, discovered many changes in her life when she became a mother. However, amidst the challenges, she found it difficult to prioritize self-care, which used to be an integral part of her life.

The Beginning: A Revelation of Beauty

It was during a visit to her grandmother that Hannah had a sudden realization. Her grandmother always looked effortlessly elegant with simple attire paired with the right jewelry, even though she had been a mother to four children. Hannah recognized the need for gentle reminders for women to express themselves and maintain their beauty, even in their busy lives, whether through jewelry or accessories. Inspired by this insight, Hannah embarked on a journey to create exquisite jewelry meticulously crafted specifically to empower women to look and feel their best amidst life's demands.

Building a Brand: Handmade Craftsmanship Inspired by Coastal Aesthetics

With unwavering determination, Hannah built an online business from scratch, showcasing her handmade jewelry designs inspired by the enchanting coastal aesthetics of Southern California, where she resides. Earrings adorned with delicate seashells and necklaces embellished with elegant pearls quickly gained popularity among young women seeking something unique yet affordable. As word spread about Hannah's distinctive creations, the demand for custom jewelry soared, leading to collaborations with local boutiques and even international fashion stores. Customers soon shared heartfelt testimonials, expressing how these simple accessories served as powerful reminders of their self-worth amidst the chaos of daily life.

A Worldwide Journey: Empowering Women and Discovering Vintage Treasures

Despite her flourishing career, Hannah never forgot the valuable lessons passed down by her grandmother and daughter: to prioritize the creation of personal time no matter how busy life gets. Therefore, she chose to embark on a global journey with her daughter after she turned ten, helping local women sell their handmade jewelry and empowering them to provide for their families. Along the way, she also stumbled upon many exquisite vintage handmade jewelry pieces, which further fueled her creative inspiration.

Why not?

With an unwavering spirit of self-exploration, Hannah continues to be on the journey, constantly updating her collection with new jewelry pieces. If you too are looking for a simple channel to express yourself, why not give jewelry a try?


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