Why we exist?

Hanna began adjusting to life as a new mother, she realized that there were so many things that had changed for her. She found herself struggling to find time for self-care, something that was once so important to her before having a baby.

Hanna remembered the days when her grandmother would take time out of each day to pamper herself; it was almost like a ritual for her! This made Hanna realize how much women needed reminders, even just small ones, such as jewelry or accessories that could help them feel special and appreciated despite all their responsibilities at home or work. So Hanna decided then and there that she wanted to start creating elegant jewelry pieces specifically designed with this purpose in mind - making women look good while also reminding them how valuable they are regardless of what is going on around them.

With hard work and determination, Hanna started building up an online business from scratch selling handmade jewelry designs inspired by coastal aesthetics from where she lived in Southern California - earrings with seashells dangling off them or necklaces adorned with pearls became popular among young women who wanted something special yet affordable enough not break the bank either! As word spread about Hanna's unique designs more people started reaching out wanting custom pieces too which meant even more demand for products being produced!

Before long, other local stores began carrying Hanna's items as well - including boutiques located across town but also trendy fashion outlets located abroad too! It wasn't long until customers started writing reviews saying how wearing one of these accessories helped remind them that taking care of themselves mattered no matter what obligations they had during any given day. It seemed like these simple little tokens were able to make an impact on people's lives after all!

In addition to running (and expanding) her successful business venture, Hanna still took the time every once in awhile out of each day just for herself - something both her grandma & daughter taught her: no matter how busy life got you should always make sure you carve out some “me” time because looking after yourself matters above anything else!

So, welcome to Hanna's store and hope u can find the perfect women in your heart.